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Posted on Friday, July 11, 2014 Categories: Joe Grippo's Blog

So when the contacted me about contributing some stuff to their blog I excitedly jumped at the chance. I mean, I am a lifelong Mustang guy, should be a perfect fit, right? Then as I started the process I realized that no one knows who I am and wondered why anyone would care to read what I put out there into cyberspace. So I figured I would start off with my first blog as a sort of introduction of my personal Mustang history and a bit of info about who I am.


My love of the Ford Mustang began in the 1970's with our first family car, I guess my Dad set the hook . When he got out of the Navy, he purchased a 351 Windsor powered, Acapulco Blue, 1970 Mach 1 on which he promptly installed a set of Cragar SS wheels, Lakewood Traction Bars  and Cal Custom side pipes, popular stuff in the early 70's. This car was legendary around my Philadelphia neighborhood. We cruised around as family, with my little brother and I perched on the rear armrests hanging on to the front seats watching the sights go by through the tiny rear quarter windows. There was nothing cooler that being dropped off in front of school with all my of buddies gazing with envy as the Mach 1 would rumble away. I loved that car.


The Grippo Family car, that's me in the Flyers Jacket around 1978...


We would go to Maple Grove or Atco on the weekends where my Dad would run in K/SA and do some early bracket racing. Again setting the hook. And speaking of hook... One night, my Dad wheeled our family Mustang to a win over my fellow blogger Don Scholl in the infamous "Captain Hook" Chevy. He still has the Maple Grove Hotline with the race report! But, unfortunately the good times came to an end in 1979. With gas prices rising and a growing family my parents decided to trade in my worn out best friend in on new Ford LTD. I was 10 years old but I cried like a baby for days and I vowed that I would get my own Mustang someday.


Someday was September 1985, when after searching for a few months we found a very tattered but mechanically sound 1970 Mustang Sportsroof sitting rather sadly in a local gas station. The asking price was 400 bucks, I couldn't get to my saving account fast enough. Being as I was only 15, my Dad had to drive it home as sat in the passenger seat smiling like deranged mental patient. Then for the next year or so my Dad, brother Dan and myself commenced cutting , welding, sanding, painting  and rebuilding my new pride and joy into a respectable street machine that any 16 year old kid would kill for.


My Mustang, Fall 1985....


I had returned to Mustang ownership, at last. This year, 2014, as the world celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the introduction of the original pony car, I will be celebrating 29 years of ownership of my personal piece of the Mustang legacy. And I still smile like that 15 year old mental patient each time I hit the starter button.


My Mustang, Summer 2012.....


Well enough rambling. Please check back with to read more stuff from me and the other Stang dudes Bobby Fazio and  John Dustin. And hey, it's summertime, get that Mustang out, order up some new parts and have some fun.  ~ Joe Grippo

Wow, " infamous " huh. Gotta tell you Joe I remember your dad's Mustang but I don't remember the race. Probably because I try to forget all the times I got smoked - lol. Small world tho huh.
Posted by Don Scholl on Friday, July 11, 2014, 5:40 PM
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