No Test for the Weary No Test for the Weary Ford Mustang Chassis, Roll bars, Cages, Suspensions, shocks, brakes, wheelie bars

Posted on Wednesday, January 28, 2015 Categories: Bobby Fazio's Blog

The 2015 season is about to begin and I haven't written on my blog since October of 2014.  To be honest, I was not sure what I could write about that could possibly ease the suffering of any of Scott's friends and relatives.  Who would want to read about my never-ending task of getting a car race-ready while things are far more important for the MustangGuys/S&W Race Cars family were going on?  I can only say that I wish I could have gotten to know Scott earlier because I feel I missed out on a lot. 


So here we are living in the dreadful northeast and unlike our west coast counterparts, we are forced to sit on the sidelines while they get their driving kicks in and get to open up the NHRA National Event schedule in two weeks.  This is always difficult for racers living up here because if we do decide to run a national event like the Gatornationals there is no opportunity for testing, other than pissing off the neighbors.  As some already know, I run a math tutoring service for middle school and high school students and business really booms from January to May.  On top of that I sell aftermarket shift fingers for the Jerico race transmission, sportsman ladder software for drag racers, and valet park high end cars at Sullivan's Steakhouse in King of Prussia.  Needless to say, it is very difficult to prepare for the race season during these months but without these months I would not be able to fund my racing habit (vicious cycle).  As you can see, work is really cutting into the day but this year I am very happy to have a car that is already prepared to race!  I am confident that taking 200lbs out of my stocker and installing a MustangGuys 6 point roll bar will result in optimal performance and we will be ready to race some big events early in the schedule this year.  For the first time in my NHRA class racing career I will be chasing divisional and national points in Stock Eliminator.  I will be opening my season with a Ford vs Chevy event in Atco, NJ in mid-March and then heading down to Charlotte for the 4-Wide Nationals a week later.  My goal this year is to finish top 10 nationally but also to try attracting new blood into the stock class by showing young fans that although it's not easy, it is possible to have success in a 'slower' class car costing less than $10,000 - Let the season begin! 


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