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Posted on Monday, October 20, 2014 Categories: Bobby Fazio's Blog

Simmer Down Now!

The pressures of racing any event can really get to a driver, and for me, national events are where I can get extremely nervous and anxious, especially before first round.  The fact is that I, like most racers, have wanted to win a national since I was a toddler and have spent enormous amounts of time and money just to participate.  Then there are the friends and family who have taken off work to come support.  It all leads up to the "what-if" feelings when rolling down those staging lanes because while the first round means nothing (and everything at the same time) it is the most nerve-racking round of the weekend.  This year's NHRA Nationals at Maple Grove was especially stressful because I was having issues with both my stocker and super stocker leading up to the race.  The super stocker was just flat out not back together yet from when we hurt a lifter at Atco.  We were thrashing all weekend and when Monday rolled around I thought the withdrawal period closed at 4:00pm.  Wrong!  It closed at 3:00 so when I tried to withdraw at 3:30 it would not work.  So now I was stuck entered with a car that wasn't even running yet.  My stocker was running but I did some testing a few days before the big event and found that I still didn't have the EFI dialed in as well as I thought.  $620 in entry fees and nothing but doubt in my mind.  Wednesday night was here and the cars were as ready as they were going to be. 


My girlfriend could see how stressed I was so she decided I needed a break from it all.  We decided to go see my favorite comedian who was performing in Philly that evening, Sebastian Maniscalco.  If you haven't heard or seen him before, look him up on YouTube.  You will not be disappointed.  Between the opening acts, Sebastian, pizza, and wings, the whole show was hysterical and we laughed for at least two hours straight.  The stress was gone, whatever was going to happen the next few days was out of my control.  We had done our best to get the cars ready and that is all that mattered.  All day Thursday I kept laughing to myself thinking about the jokes from the night before.  I had a class runoff in Stock Eliminator for the N/SA trophy and while my opponent had me covered, we managed to tune the car up .07 and win the heads up run by .015.  What a confidence boost!  As far as Super Stock, the car went down the track successfully three times with the announcers talking it up as one of their favorite cars of the weekend so that made us feel very special.  Friday morning Stock eliminations were set to go off, friends and family were there to watch, I had a tough matchup with James Perrone, and the usual feelings started to settle in.  I started thinking back to two nights prior and how relaxed I was, it brought a calm over me and I cut an .022 light while Perrone went -.002 red.  I fist pumped my whole way down the track!  Super stock round one I cut an .011 light while my opponent had an .017.  I did a wheelie toward the wall and it put me behind at the finish line by .004 seconds (9 inches).  All weekend I thought about the laughs from Wednesday night and eventually made it to the third round in Stock Sunday morning where I gave it back to a 150mph charging David Barton hemi by .010 seconds or 1.5 feet.  It was a silly mistake on my part because I did not even have to use the brakes as I had him covered on the tree and was safe on my 12.50 dial-in.  Regardless, what started out as what I thought would be my worst national event turned out to be my best outing so far and it was all because I learned how to relax and laugh before the big race.  Thanks Sebastian!

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